ESE Lightning Arresters

ThunderGuard series ESE Lightning Arresters developed and designed in our highly advanced labs are specially designed with unique design philosophy as per NFC-French Standards.

Thunderguard adopts synthesis techniques of leader discharge, impedance to limit current, air-gap discharge etc to produce leader channel in advance, improve the lighting effect, reduce discharge voltage and change the discharge process of lightning current.

Thus it broadens the lightning wave, flattens the leading wave, decreases the amplitude and enlarges the scope of protection avoiding side striking and shielding failure then finally actively suppress the damage of Ground Potential Counterattack. Therefore it is an ideal device to prevent direct lightning.

ThunderGuard Series ESE lightning Arresters come in three models

    1. ThunderGuard 20
    2. ThunderGuard 40
    3. ThunderGuard 60

TGD 20, TGD 40 and TGD 60 with widest protection coverage area. Find our protection radius coverage table for reference.


Product Structure:

  • Central bar
  • Reflector
  • Trigger gear
  • Exciter
  • Dead plate of exciter
  • Trigger gear, reflector and central bar all are insulating
  • Reflector and central bar show good electrical connection to the earth
  • The base of exciter is made up of synthetic resin thus applicable to any corrosion environment


  • Non-electronic type, long using life
  • Able to guarantee the electrical continuity and sustainability of function after repeated lightning strike
  • Different type of radius of protection is for users’ selection
  • Non-electrical system will not be damaged by surge impact


Range Of Applications:

  • High-rise buildings
  • Top of independent metal bar
  • Wireless communication base station
  • Warehouse of inflammable and explosive materials
  • Chemicals, radar station, oil depot, observatory, military base, mine field etc
  • Only self-activate during lightning strike and initiative intervene the lightning protection system
  • Good looking appearance, safe and reliable, no need of protection for lightning protection system, an art and decoration for buildings with the function of defending direct lightning.

Technical Parameter:

Max discharge current ≥400KA
Strength of wind resistance ≤40m/s
Weight 3.9kg
Total height 663 mm
Material Imported SUS304
Installing environment High-rise buildings and top of independent metal bar


Installation and Maintenance:

Electro welding the bottom of the lightning rod and the increased mast of a lightning rod (seamless steel tube and galvanised steel pipe), or connect with flange plate for the special rod.



  • Collision avoidance during carrying and lifting
  • The welding points should be fastness
  •  The height of lightning rod and the earth connecting cable all should in accordance with national standards